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Human Services Student Association

Old Dominion University provides a myriad of opportunities for students to join clubs and organizations. The Human Services Student Association (HSA) is the organization for all human service majors and related majors. HSA is dedicated to participating in community support projects, such as fund-raising activities for a variety of human service agencies, and participating in many of the campus activities, such as the welcome picnic and internship fair.  The organization is a way of networking with other students in the program who can serve as resources and mentors for freshman in the human services program.

The Human Services Student Association is an excellent resource for increasing your professional network.  Because of working closely with many local agencies, members have contact with individuals already working in the field who can serve as mentors, contacts for future internship sites, and potential sources for jobs.  It is also the first step to being actively involved in your chosen future career.

Many of the members also attend professional conferences, such as the National Organization of Human Services (NOHS) and the Southern Organization of Human Services (SOHS), and local or national workshops to learn best practices in the field and expand their professional network.  Some have participated in presentations with HMSV faculty.      

Please go to the HSA's web site for more detailed information on the organization and how to join.