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Field-Based Master's Program

For over twenty years the Darden College's Department of Educational Curriculum and Instruction has provided educators in southeastern Virginia with opportunities to earn a Master of Science in Education degree through it's Field-Based Graduate Program. This program boasts well over 1,500 alumni.

The Field-Based Graduate Program exists to better meet the needs of teachers, and the core of this effort is in bringing classes to school buildings in individual communities in southeast Virginia and other regions across the nation. The program's fundamental philosophy rests on the idea that teachers can gain knowledge about teaching and learning most effectively in the context of their own personal and school circumstances. Therefore, this program begins by inviting all participating teachers to conduct an assessment of their schools' academic programs, their teaching curricula, and their individual teaching skills. All subsequent course work is then geared toward helping teachers in improving their range of instructional approaches, refining curricular materials, and establishing more effective community relations. This program rests on three principles: the program of studies is tied to the individual student's professional teaching assignment; close personal relationships are maintained between and among the participating students and the teaching staff; and the instruction is shaped by creative exploitation of technology and University infrastructures. A total of 33 graduate hours (or eleven courses) are required.

Bob Lucking, Graduate Program Director
757 683-5545