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About LUCY Bibliography

This is a non-selective multicultural bibliography of the current trade book collection from the Southeastern Virginia Materials Examination Center (SVMEC), presently located in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) in the Education Building at Old Dominion University. These books have been donated for review by publishers. No books are purchased. Most trade books are dated from 2004 to present.

Creation of Bibliography

Trade books are chosen for the bibliography by using the following definition of multiculturalism as a guideline:

Bishop (1997) defines multicultural literature as works "that reflect the racial, ethnic and social diversity that is characteristic of our pluralistic society and of the world"

Selecting literature for a multicultural curriculum. V.J. Harris (Ed.), Using multiethnic literature in the K-8 classroom. Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc. 1997.

Books are reviewed for multicultural content by reviewing:

•       Title

•       Author

•       Illustrator

•       Illustrations

•       LC Subject Headings

•       Book Jacket/Publisher's Description


The bibliography is mainly divided by geographic regions. However, the bibliography also includes sections for Foreign Language, General Multicultural and Homosexuality and Alternative Lifestyles.


Other resources used to find annotations are:

Minuteman Library Network

Mid Hudson Library

Publisher's descriptions - refer to publisher in individual citation

Dewey Decimal numbers are taken from versa page, Library of Congress entries, or from the other resources listed.