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ODU Teacher Immersion Program

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"You can't be what you don't see"...that is a quote from America's first African American Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders.  She was talking about role models, and the opportunity for African American children to dream big and set high career goals because they see others who "look like them" being successful in their chosen career.   It starts in the classroom where oftentimes, particularly in urban schools, students are taught and mentored by those who do not "look like them", especially when it comes to African American males.  On the next Another View, we'll talk about a unique program that wants to change that dynamic - it's ODU's Teacher Immersion Residency Program,  where one of the goals is to inspire the next generation of African Americans to careers as educators.  We'll hear from three participants in the program who are now teaching in the classroom, Keith Goodman, Cabrillya Crumm, and Tashiana Verna, along with Megan Britt, Ph.D., coordinator of the program.  This program is a part of the American Graduate:  Let's Make It Happen Initiative.