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Community College Leadership

Course of Study

Our comprehensive curriculum, high-quality instruction, and advising enables graduates to provide excellent leadership for U.S. community colleges.

Most students complete their degree in 4 years or less. Coursework takes 2 years to complete, and the length of time to complete the dissertation is dependent on the student’s schedule and topic.

Students may take up to 6 credits as a non-degree student if they wish to try the program before applying to it.

Visit the Advising Center to view the typical fall, spring, and summer course schedule.

Core Courses

CCL 820 – Community College Leadership
CCL 824 – Community College Finance
CCL 826 – Community College Curriculum & Program Development
CCL 830 – Community College Politics & Policy Development
HIED 809 – Proseminar in Higher Education (3 x 1-credit courses)
HIED 808 – Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
HIED 852 – Higher Education Law
HIED 866 – The Modern Community College

Research Courses

FOUN 812 – Advanced Research Design & Analysis
FOUN 813 – Advanced Program Assessment & Evaluation
FOUN 822 – Applied Linear Models OR FOUN 823 – ANOVA
FOUN 814 – Qualitative Research
FOUN 881 – Dissertation Seminar

Prerequisites: Doctoral students with no prior coursework in statistics must enroll in FOUN 722. Doctoral students with no prior coursework in educational research must enroll in FOUN 611


Select 2 from the following:

CCL 868 – Internship in Community College Leadership
CCL 895 – Special Topics in Community College Leadership
HIED 894 – Organization and Administration in Higher Education
HIED 812 – Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
HIED 825 – Higher Education Policy
HIED 844 – Comparative Higher Education Systems
HIED 857 – Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching & Learning
COUN 808 – Adult and College Student Development
SEPS 865 – Trends and Issues of Economic and Workforce Development


CCL 899 – Dissertation (9 credits minimum)

Note: CCL 868 Internship in Community College Leadership (3 credits) is required for all doctoral students who have not served in a full-time administrative position for at least three years prior to admission.

Students who enter the Ph.D. program have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and goals. For this reason they have the ability, through consultation with their advisor, to tailor their coursework to fulfill their degree obligations towards these goals. Courses may be taken in the following departments: Community College Leadership, Educational Leadership Services, Foundations, Higher Education, and International Studies, as long as the course is delivered in a format that allows students to access the course.


All courses are offered online or at the Summer Institute.

Students engage in live, synchronous online courses via Adobe Connect throughout the year.

Students attend an annual, two-week Summer Institute where they engage faculty, colleagues, and guest scholars from across the country.