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Park, Recreation and Tourism Studies Degree Programs




Program Philosophy

Consistent with the university's, college's, and department's missions, the PRTS Program's philosophy is to create a recreation and tourism professional who has the necessary competencies to be an informed leader, practitioner, and citizen.  In the pursuit of this philosophical approach, the PRTS Program's curriculum focuses on a service-centered and service-learning approach.  The broader university goal of developing a student who values the "dignity and worth of the individual," is central to the PRTS Program's philosophy of creating informed programming for various populations.  The PRTS Program's focus on the pedagogy involved in programming, leadership, and service delivery is consistent with the college's commitment to "excellence in teaching, scholarly activities, and service".  Additionally, the PRTS Program's curriculum, faculty expertise, and service-learning approach are specifically in-line with our department's advocacy of a "healthy lifestyle that includes human movement as an essential component of the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of all humans across the life span."

PRTS Mission, Vision and Values

Undergraduate Major

The Park, Recreation and Tourism Studies (PRTS) Program is housed within the Human Movement Sciences Department, one of five departments in the Darden College of Education. The PRTS Program is designed to prepare students with the skill, knowledge, and ability to pursue a professional career in the recreation and tourism industry. Each student major receives a management-based core curriculum complemented by their choice of a selected career emphasis area: (a) therapeutic recreation, (b) tourism management, and (c) park and recreation management.

Undergraduate Minor

Two minors are available in the PRTS program: (a) park, recreation, and tourism management, and (b) therapeutic recreation.