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Undergraduate Sport Management Program

Through classroom instruction and experiential learning, the Undergraduate Sport Management Program prepares students for rewarding careers in the in the sport industry.  We strive to create an environment that encourages ongoing commitment to learning, leadership, and community service.  Sport Management is a program area within the Department of Human Movement Sciences.  This Department is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.  We prepare professionals in disciplines related to human movement and other activities for the promotion of physical, emotional, and social well-being.

The Undergraduate Sport Management Program prepares students for careers in a wide variety of organizations in the sport industry, including:

  • Professional sports
  • Collegiate athletics
  • Event and facility operations
  • Corporate sport management and marketing firms
  • Community recreation and leisure agencies
  • Non-profit sport organizations
  • Health and fitness industries
  • Military MWR programs
  • Golf & tennis clubs
  • Campus intramural sports and recreation

Admissions & Financial Aid

The Sport Management program follows the same admission standards and information procedures as outlined on the ODU Office of Admissions web site.  For information about financial aid, go to the Office of Financial Aid web site.

Undergraduate Sport Management Curriculum

Sport Management Core Courses:

SMGT 214 - Introduction to Sport Management
SMGT 305 - Sport Administrative Theory
SMGT 315 - Sport Media and Public Relations
SMGT 331 - Fiscal Planning and Management in Sport and Recreation
SMGT 414 - Sport Marketing
SMGT 421 - Legal Aspects in Recreation and Sport Management
SMGT 452 - Sport Facility Management
SMGT 453 - Event Management and Sport Sponsorship
SMGT 450W - Ethics and Morality in Sport
SMGT 455 - Sport in Contemporary Society
SMGT 456 - Sport Psychology
SMGT 366 - Internship Seminar
SMGT 368 - Internship

MATH 102 or higher is a prerequisite for SMGT 214.  SMGT 214 is a prerequisite for all other SMGT courses.  ENGL 110 and ENGL 211(or ENGL 221 or 231) are prerequisites for SMGT 315 and SMGT 450W.  ACCT 201 is a prerequisite for SMGT 331.

All SMGT courses will be used to calculate the major grade point average which must be 2.00 to graduate. A grade of C or better is required in SMGT 450W and a grade of C- or better is required in all other SMGT courses and in all additional required courses.

Additional Required Courses for Sport Management Majors:

ACCT 201 - Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 202 - Principles of Accounting II
ECON 202 - Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 436 - Sport Economics if started at ODU prior to 2012)

MKTG 311 - Marketing Principles and Problems
MGMT 325 - Contemporary Organizations and Management


A minor in Management or Marketing from the College of Business & Public Administration is recommended, but students may select another minor with approval from their advisor.  Students must follow the requirements for the selected minor option as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog to meet this requirement.

Sport Management Internship

The SMGT Internship Requirements form explains the criteria needed to be eligible to enroll in SMGT 368, a 12-credit internship that is done during the senior year as a capstone experience.


The ODU Career Management Center is available to students and it provides a number of job search services ranging from job and position listings and databases to assistance on how to develop a resume. Students are encouraged to go to the Career Management Center web site for more information.

Contact Information:

Aundrea Lyons, PhD
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
ODU Sport Management Program
2020 Student Recreation Center
Norfolk, VA 23529-0196
Phone:  757-683-3354
Fax:  757-683-4270
E-mail:  alyons@odu.edu