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MSEd in Early Childhood Education with Licensure (PK-3)

For Individuals who have a non-teaching B.S. or B.A. and wish to earn a M.S.Ed. and qualify for a Virginia teaching license in grades PreK-3.

MSEd in Early Childhood Education with Licensure (PK-3) program is for students who are fascinated by watching and listening to children and know that they want to make a difference in their young lives (birth through third grade). The focus of the ECE program is on "THE CHILD," how he thinks and learns, how his future is affected by his experiences, his need for exposure to a language and print rich environment, and how his emotional, physical and intellectual self is impacted by the way he is treated in his early years.
In this program, there is a strong emphasis on the role of the family, involving and relating to parents, and providing optimal environments for young children's development.  Students are taught 101 positive principles of discipline (The 101s), which will create an atmosphere of trust where children are free to explore, create, learn and discover while staying connected to those around them.  Graduates of this program are seen as effective and "magical" teachers - who treat children with respect and keep alive their love of learning.

Prerequisite Program (no credit in this program)

Individuals entering this graduate program, must already possess a degree in the liberal arts and sciences (or equivalent) with an acceptable GPA requirement, pass the professional teacher's assessment requirement (currently Praxis I) prescribed by the Virginia Board of Education and receive acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Exam. Liberal arts and sciences course work must meet the Virginia stated competencies for PreK-3 and must fulfill the following requirements with a grade of C- or better:

English (must include composition, oral communications, and literature): 12 semester hours;
Mathematics: 9 semester hours;
Science (including a laboratory course): 9 semester hours; (must include 2 different sciences)
History (must include American history and world history): 6 semester hours;
Social science (must include geography and economics): 6 semester hours;
Arts and humanities: 6 semester hours; and
Computer/technology: 3 semester hours (satisfied by ECI 304*)

Prerequisite Courses

ESSE 468/568 Language Acquisition/Reading for Students with Diverse Learning Needs 3 cr.
ECI 304 or Educational Applications of Technology
ECI 530 Microcomputers and the Curriculum 3 cr.

Required Courses

ESSE 474 / 574 Foundations and Contemporary Issues in ECE 3 cr.
ESSE 677 Advanced Child Theory 3 cr.
ESSE 478 / 578 Integrating Instruction Across the Curriculum (PK-6) 3 cr.
ESSE 679 Advanced Classroom Management w/Practicum 3 cr.
ECI 683 or Diagnostic Teaching of Reading
ECI 680 Reading to Learn Across the Curriculum 3 cr.
ESSE 586 Student Teaching 6 cr.

Elective Courses

ESSE 690 The Child & The Family 3 cr.
ESSE 670 Assessment and Evaluation 3 cr.
ESSE 506 Special Needs Child in the Gen. Ed. Classroom 3 cr.
ESSE 688 Practicum in ECE 3-6 cr.
ESSE 694 Integrating Math/Science Across ECE Curriculum 3 cr.
ESSE 683 Integrating Language Arts/Social Studies Across
ECE Curriculum 3 cr.

Total: 30-36 credits

Your advisor's signature is required before registering for any courses. Without this signature, there is no guarantee that the courses will be accepted into the program of studies. Therefore, you must meet with your advisor each semester BEFORE signing up for any classes.

Application process includes:

1. Undergraduate Grade Point Average of 2.80
2. Graduate Record Exam (combined score of 900 Verbal & Quantitative combined minimum verbal component of 400 or better)
3. Praxis I (must be passed at 55th percentile)

Graduation requirements include:

1. Writing Proficiency Exam (or Praxis I)
2. Written Comprehensive Exam

Licensure requirements include:

1. Praxis II (55th percentile)
2. Content Knowledge Area - Code 0014 (Passing Score 143)

Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Charlene Fleener
Education room 145
Phone 757-683-3284

Ms. Arminda Israel, aisrael@odu.edu
Phone 757-683-3348