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PhD in Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Education

The Ph.D. in education with a concentration in early childhood education focuses on young children from birth to age 8.  Areas of emphasis include cognitive development, early literacy, and socio-emotional development, all studied within the context of a diverse society. Personalized mentorship is provided leading to careers in academia, research, administration, child advocacy and early childhood policy. Our Early Childhood Centers provide accessible laboratory settings for implementing educational research and observing effective teaching practices for children ranging from eight weeks old to kindergarten age. Through internships, collaborations with local schools, and community partnerships, students in this program develop professional abilities in the field of early childhood education through publication, research and service that include working in partnership with early childhood teachers and administrators, advocacy activities, grant writing and professional presentations and workshops. Involvement in faculty-sponsored research and professional development activities are an essential part of graduate training in this concentration. Graduates are in high demand at universities and in leadership roles at the state and federal level, in public and private schools and at non-profit and private agencies involved in the education, welfare and healthy development of young children.

Contact  Dr. Andrea DeBruin-Parecki   adebruin@odu.edu  757-683-3659