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Children's Learning and Research Center (CLRC) - Half Day Preschool Program

The CLRC Half Day Preschool Program is located inside the Child Study Center building on 45th St.

The Half Day Preschool Program operates two, three-hour a day Preschool and Pre-K classes, five days a week and emphasizes developmentally appropriate practices for children ages 3-5. Our dynamic curriculum is based on the latest research and methods for early childhood education.  We focus on the development of the whole child, paying particular attention to the individual needs and developmental levels of each child.  We help children develop positive relationships, while providing a rich and inviting environment for children to explore and make sense of the world around them.  Developing language skills and strong bodies are also a large part of our daily activities.  Our rich and carefully planned environment allows children the opportunity to play, explore, create and grow while building a strong foundation for life-long learning.

Lead teachers are assisted by Program Leaders, Student Assistants and graduate practicum students from early childhood education, as well as students from other academic areas of study, including speech-language pathology, psychology, leisure studies, elementary education and special education.

Mission Statement:

In partnership with the Darden College of Education, the Mission of Old Dominion University's Children's Learning and Research Center is to offer the highest quality early education for the children of ODU faculty, staff, students and the metropolitan Hampton Roads community.  Collaboratively with the Darden College of Education, we are a facility for teacher training and a site for academic research.  


The Old Dominion University Children's Learning and Research Center is a first-class teacher training and research facility that serves as a model of exemplary early education.

We Value:

  • Preparing children who are confident, competent, and motivated learners
  • Preparing our teacher graduates for various school settings
  • Being responsive to the needs of the ODU and metropolitan community
  • Partnering with the Darden College of Education Faculty to add to the knowledge base of Early Childhood Education

We believe in:

  • Collaborative relationships  based on respect where staff and parents partner together to provide supportive, responsive care
  • A supportive and nurturing climate promoting a sense of community belonging, while valuing our diverse family population
  • Child centered learning environments where children engage in purposeful play and are encouraged to explore their world

Half Day Tuition and Fees 2012-2013:

Tuition Rate Per Semester

Full Time Faculty/Staff/Students

Community Members


Required Annual Materials Fee (Due with Registration)



Monthly Payment- due 1st day of the month (September-April)



Please note: Tuition rates subject to change each year 

Information for Parents:

Children's Learning and Research Center Half Day Program:
Director: Jane Elyce Glasgow, M.S.Ed.  757-683-3081
Assistant Director of Administration:  Kimberly Williamson, M.S. Ed  757-683-4828
Pre K Lead Teacher: Michelle Floyd, B.A.  757-683-5297