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PhD in Education with a Concentration in Special Education

The PhD in Education with a concentration in Special Education is designed to address the acute shortage of doctoral level special education personnel in the Commonwealth and across the nation.  Program graduates will be prepared as content experts in pre-referral intervention and early intervention to assume positions of leadership as special education faculty at the university and college level.  Additionally, graduates of the special education concentration will have the professional skills to work with school systems to address the diverse learning needs and behavior challenges associated with the education of students with special needs and those students at risk.  Program graduates will attain a degree of proficiency in research and writing that will prepare them to make contributions to the professional literatures of special education and related disciplines.

Recently, the Special Education Program was awarded a grant from the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, which allows our program to offer tuition, a stipend, and travel monies for qualified doctoral candidates. The emphasis is funding full time scholars, with an emphasis on candidates from culturally and linguistically diverse populations. The Special Education Program at Old Dominion is small and selective, and by virtue of that smallness, we are able to provide not only the theoretical foundation and content doctoral students need, but more importantly, we are able to build close mentoring relationships with our students. In this way, they learn firsthand what it takes to be a faculty member who can make a difference by their teaching, scholarship and service to the field.

We currently are gathering data about this program.  If you are interested, please print and complete the PhD in Education with Concentration in Special Education interest survey (MS Word).

Mail completed surveys to:
Special Education Programs
at Old Dominion University
Attention: Dr. Peggy Hester
Child Study Center Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529