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Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation (Response)

The unit has an assessment system that collects and analyzes data on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance, and unit operations to evaluate and improve the performance of candidates, the unit, and its programs.


  1. Description of the unit's assessment system in detail including the requirements and key assessments used at transition points

2.1.4 NCATE ODU Glossary

  1. Data from key assessments used at entry to programs

2.4.1 Timeline for Programs to Submit a Response to Condition Report to SPA
2.4.2 Conditions for ACEI-SPA Report
2.4.3 Conditions for CEC SPA Report
2.4.4 Conditions for Physical Education SPA Report
2.4.5 Conditions for Math SPA Report
2.4.6 Conditions for English Language Arts SPA Report
2.4.7 Conditions for Foreign Language SPA

  1. Procedures for ensuring that key assessments of candidate performance and evaluations of unit operations are fair, accurate, consistent, and free of bias [No new exhibits added]
  1. Policies and procedures that ensure that data are regularly collected, compiled, aggregated, summarized, analyzed, and used to make improvements [No new exhibits added]
  1. Sample of candidate assessment data disaggregated by alternate route, off-campus, and distance learning programs

2.5.3 On and Off Campus Comparison of Assessment Data

  1. Policies for handling student complaints [No new exhibits added]
  1. File of student complaints and the unit's response (This information should be available during the onsite visit.) 
  1. Examples of changes made to courses, programs, and the unit in response to data gathered from the assessment system

2.8.6 Overview of the TPAC Assessment