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 Teacher Licensure and Professional Development Courses




Virginia Department of Education Career Switcher: Alternative Route to 
Teacher Licensure

Instructional Technologist Certificate Program Series Online Courses: 
Recertification Points

Virtual Education Software Licensed Teacher Suite Online Courses: Recertification Points

Editure Professional Development On-line Courses for Educators:
Recertification Points

Growth Education Foreign Languages On-line Courses

Education to Go: Teacher Online Courses: Recertification Points

 Professional Certificate Programs

Counselor Certification Training Courses




International Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification 

Professional Development and Certificate Workshops for Counselors

Registered Play Therapy: RPT Certification Onsite and In-person Workshops

Counseling Institutes Italy and Ireland: Credit and Noncredit

Big Splash: Seminars in Counseling Onsite and In-person

 Personal and Professional On-line Courses and Workshops



Education to Go: Online Courses

Growth Education Business Management and Career Skills: Online Courses

Growth Education Personal and Small Business: Online Courses




Leadership Development Courses Onsite and In-person

Occupational Safety Training Certificate: Online Courses

Onsite and In-person

 Growth Education Life Enrichment: Online Courses

UGotClass Skills for the 21st Century:
Online Certificates and Courses

 Growth Education Freelancing and Writing: Online Courses

 Leisure, Recreation, Sports Programs



Leisure and Recreation Courses Onsite and In-person